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Bonjour​, ​mon chéri 

Born in Paris, Ange Gardien Paris brings you to rediscover beauty and experience the joy of life through formulations and fragrances created with savoir-faire and designed with  a modern French flair. 

Safe, clean and effective beauty formulations that spread like happiness. 
Safe, clean and effective beauty formulations that spread like happiness. 

Our Philosophy

Beauty is a tripod of nature, science and happiness. 

Rediscovering the enjoyment of a beauty experience

We want to help people shake off that and find joy in taking care of themselves. Here at Ange Gardien Paris, French savoir-faire characterises what we do. That means an appreciation for quality, goodness and the knowhow to create beauty products that enable joy. We do all this just so you’d say “ pas mal du tout” – not bad at all – with a smile.

Delighting in Excellence 

There’s intrinsic joy from creating quality so we only work with the best. We partner with award-winning laboratories, formulators, perfumers, artists and designers in Europe and other ​centres d’excellence​ around the world to create products that you truly enjoy using. Never stopping until a ​voila​ is exclaimed, we harness the best and infuse it with our savoir-faire to create decidedly French creations for everyday delight. 

Loving our Environment

Sustainability is not a cliché, it’s as intuitive in us as you choosing to make the best decision for your skin.

Intuitively Sustainable 

We only use proven ingredients, and plant varieties that already have a high amount of active ingredients and meticulously researched technologies for amount of active ingredients and meticulously researched technologies for #holygrail products and carefree use.

Our Beauty Products

Our creation of our beauty products goes with sustainability like choosing coffee to go with croissants. We desire to express this spirit through three big ways:

Ange Gardien Paris’ formulations are lovingly made with plant-derived ingredients that are sourced with the environment and the communities living in it in mind.
To bring you formulations are made with care for our environment, we create and perfect them at laboratories that have received the highest accolades in sustainability rankings such as EcoVadis and CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project).

Beyond caring for our environment, Ange Gardien Paris believes strongly about empowering communities that live in these environments. Our fragrances are made together with a French perfuming community that have been around for almost 400 years, working together to ensure that the craftsmanship can flourish sustainably.
Sustainability also doesn’t mean going back to being primitive. It means finding innovative methods to make what’s good better, and what’s awful, beautiful.

Right at the very beginning, Ange Gardien Paris thought that beautiful design and loving the environment are not like yin and yang. We looked through the entire process of creating a fragrance and hyper-zoomed in on steps where traditional processes that affected the environment could be minimised. The packaging of bottle was one of the key areas that we knew that we could make a difference!

0% Animal Derivative

100% Non-toxic


Sustainable Sourced

French Design

Lab-tested for Stability

Our Pinky Promise 


    Only sustainably sourced natural ingredients whose efficacy has been given the green light by our trusty team of skin specialists and scientists. 


    No doubtful ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, and aggravating essential oils that make you squirm. 


    Safe, clean and effective formulations that your skin will say pas mal du pat. 

Spread joy and make cheer 

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