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Wholesome community on a beautiful journey

Ange Gardien Paris was created with the purpose of enabling women to rediscover beauty and take the ‘regime’ out of beauty so that they can experience everyday delight. We know that there is strength in unity so that’s why we want you to join us in redefining this experience for women worldwide.

We deeply respect the affiliates that we desire to work with to achieve this big audacious goal. So we have curated a brand ambassador programme where we would like to give you more than the joy of making someone happier.

Privileges of #teamcestlabeaute

Because we truly believe in our purpose and are truly committed to our affiliates, we want to make your time in this community a meaningful one. This spirit is infused in the ABCs of our team.

Why Join Us

Maximise income opportunities
See your earnings soar with a competitive commissions structure of up to 30%.

Entrepreneurial experience
A great and low-risk opportunity and learning platform to start your entrepreneurship journey and take charge of your career.

No upfront commitment to our products or logistics is needed! A simple dedicated link is all you need to get started.

Be the Influencer of influencers

Receive all the support, tips and wisdom that you need to become THE influencer on digital platforms. Be it content creation, studio support, live streaming know-how, and building a following - we enable you to reach your dreams.

Beauty updates & insider knowledge

Step into the professional world of fashion and beauty capitals in Europe and Asia through our curated tours for your learning and experiences.

Indulge in the best of beauty

Receive Starter Kits of our safe, clean and effective products created in centres of beauty innovations and excellence around the world

Genuine affiliates

Be part of an exclusive affiliate team that has passed strict qualifying guidelines. Join a community that’s just as excellent as our products.

Brand Support for your goals

Enjoy unparalleled access to our new and upcoming products and receive support, such as updated marketing kits and assets, from the entire Brand.

Progress tracker

Up-to-date dashboard information that enables you to keep track of your goals and be focused on the bigger things

Specialised trainings

Industry-level and hands-on professional training on makeup and skincare, sales management, fashion and more! Be regularly updated with the latest as we provide up to 4 trainings a year.


Being genuine and staying true to myself is super important to me and I’m glad that Ange Gardien Paris and I are aligned on this. Their products are so well-made and with so much thought going into the sustainability of its products and communities that I’m proud to be able to share them with the people who truly matter to me without being a phony

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Reaching Goals Together

We enable our affiliates by tracking their progress with them.

31,231 $39,805.50 1,561
22,396 $22,843.92 895
18,591 $18,962.82 743
8721 $4,447.71 174

Reaching Goals Together

We enable our affiliates by tracking their progress with them.

Join The Team


Fill out our Brand Ambassador application form so that we can get to know you.


Tell all your friends, followers and anybody you care about your personalised ambassador link to start earning rewards and be an official member of our #teamcestlabeaute!


Follow our dedicated progress tracker and community channels to receive the latest updates.

The #teamcestlabeaute Creed

We, members of #teamcestlabeaute, believe in the pursuit of happiness. We are genuine about building relationships and enabling people around us. We believe that using well-made formulations, made from nature and perfected by science and technology, can plant a seed of joy into our lives. We desire to share this happiness to those around us so that they too, can experience everyday delight.

If you find yourself nodding your head to this, don’t hesitate and come on board our team!

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