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How to Create the Perfect Red Lips
Makeup Tips & Tricks

How to Create the Perfect Red Lips

By 360&5, Dec 01 2020

When one pictures a Parisian lady, one of the first few things that come to mind would be those bright, lusciously red lips. Red lipsticks immediately light up a face and change the mood instantly, from girl-next-door to backstage chic. The good news is that the French classic can be done easily, regardless of where you live, through a few simple steps. And we show you how below.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips

Before exfoliating your lips, make sure that your lips are clean and free of any lip products or residue. Pat your lips dry. Apply lip scrub in a gentle, circular motion. Be careful not to brush too hard to cause skin breakage. Check out our DIY lip scrub recipe here. If you would like a little more exfoliation, you can try brushing your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Wash your lip scrub off with water and pat dry your lips when done.

Step 2: Apply a lip balm

Apply a lip balm about 5 to 10 minutes before you put on your lipstick to allow time for the lip balm to be absorbed. You can use this time to do the rest of your makeup.

Step 3: Choose a matte lipstick for your skin tone

French girls love matte lipsticks and the classic French red lips look is all about rich and pigmented rouge, just like the Velvet Cloud Lipstick that is all that. Plus, it’s super lightweight.

To select the right shade, check your undertones. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to know your undertones and find suitable colour shades that flatter your natural colours.

If your undertones are cool, a bright red lipstick like Hypnotic Red (No.99) would be up your alley.

If you have warm undertones, an orangey-red lipstick like Rose Quartz would channel the je ne sais quoi in you.


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