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Lipstick Day

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Lip It Up To Love

This National Lipstick Day, we celebrate the joy that wearing lipstick has brought us and our memories of wearing them, whether it was the first time we bought our first lipstick, wearing it to our first date or the first day at work.

Matte for Glitter Lipstick: Bejeweled Lips For The First Spark

Remember the first date that you went for with your crush? Before that, time was spent agonising which lipstick you should put on. “Should I put on this red lipstick? Maybe it’s too bright and shocking. But this shade of pink doesn’t feel too special.”

Eliminate all worries and hesitation with the Matte for Glitter Lipstick. Made with plant-derived ingredients, the lipstick gives a classy and subtle sheen that makes the evening more magical without overdoing it. Created with the Glitter Wrap Technology for a pearlescent photo-finish perfection, take a good ‘wefie’ for the memories.

Lush with plant-derived ingredients that care for your lips, the Matte for Glitter Lipsticks contains ethically-sourced Acacia Peptide to hydrate and retain moisture in lips. Say goodbye to worries about chapped lips and get ready for the kiss that you’ve been holding yourself back.

The Matte for Glitter Lipstick is housed in special design by Parisian Neue-Constructivism artist, Antony Squizzato. Titled ‘Close Kiss’, the design celebrates the bonds and relationships around us, reminding us that love is all around us to cherish and grow.

Velvet Cloud Lipstick: Lighting Up Your Work Energy

How about the first day at work where everything is new? There is an incredible sense of anticipation and excitement about the impact that you’re going to make. And you pick a lipstick colour that reflects the positivity that is you while respecting the workplace.

Colour your lips with great vibes with the Velvet Cloud Lipstick, a hydrating and velvety matte dream. Available in 6 work-friendly colours, the creamy and weightless texture effortlessly glides over dry patches while ethically-sourced Acacia Peptide naturally hydrates lips and prevents moisture loss. The formulation also contains Lecithin, an antioxidant that protects the thin lip skin barrier.

Helping you to feel focused at work but without the weight or discomfort of having something on your lips, the Velvet Cloud Lipstick is a lightweight formulation that does not feel sticky. Made with the unique Coating Powder Technology that gives a smooth and oil-absorbing finish, enjoy a true matte finish that does not dry your lips.

Psst, did you know that in a research study conducted by Harvard University, women felt more confident at work when they wore lipstick?

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer: Lip Essential For Mask Day Outs

Time spent with our girlfriends uplifts our spirits like nothing else. That’s why we love getting ready for fantabulous time out because our girlfriends always pick the best places to enjoy each other’s company, create great memories and capture them in photos.

Don’t let the wrong lip product choice mar your fun day out. Take the Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer with you. Made with an optimal balance of transferability and moisturising elements, the formulation prevents the richly pigmented colours from staining your lips and masks.

Hydrating and lip-caring, the Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer contains ethically-sourced Acacia Peptide to naturally hydrate and retain lip moisture to prevent chapped lips.
Vitamin E is also added to eliminate free radicals and protect your fragile lip skin barrier. You don’t have to compromise comfort to look great!

The formulation is also made with the Colour Luster Technology for optimal mixing and colour payoff, ensuring that every swipe gives an even blend of colour that can be easily layered for your desired vibrancy and moods.

Available in 6 shades that can be easily matched, never get bored with exploring colours that spell fun!

Lipstick Trivia Quiz

In celebration of National Lipstick Day, we have prepared a short quiz for you to test how much you know about the little bullet that has been such an essential part of our life.

True or False?

Fish scales have a reflectability that resembles pearls when light is shone onto them, which is why they are commonly used in makeup products to increase shine.

In a research study conducted by Harvard University, women who wore lipsticks not only felt more confident at work but they also felt smarter.

That’s right! Lipsticks unofficially date back to the 2500 BCE to 1000 BCE in Mesopotamia where they were made by crushing gems. In fact, Queen Schub-ad of Sumeria made a paste from white lead and crushed red rocks to color her lips.

Velvet Cloud Lipstick

100% of respondents agree that the lipstick is richly pigmented

92% of respondents agree that the lipstick has a true matte finish

88% of respondents agree that the lipstick feels light on the lips

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer

100% agree that the lip lacquer is richly pigmented

92% agree that the lip lacquer is transfer-resistant

92% agree that the lip lacquer feels hydrating

Pranee Seecha

I was always hesitant to try glitter lipsticks because I always thought that they would look too much. But the glitter amount is *just nice*. It's now my favourite lipstick to wear everywhere. Plus it's so hydrating and light. Love it!

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