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How to Choose Lipsticks That Makes Your Teeth Whiter Than White
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How to Choose Lipsticks That Makes Your Teeth Whiter Than White

By Kulaa Show, Jan 08 2021

Have you ever set your eyes on a particularly beautiful lipstick shade but became crest-fallen when you realised that it made your teeth look yellow? Choosing lipsticks that make your teeth look whiter than they actually are is both an art as well as a science. The Beauty Crew here at Ange Gardien Paris here will show you how! 

Let’s start off with understanding the colour wheel first. The colour wheel can be generally separated into warm and cool colours. From the colour wheel, we can see which are the colours that lie next to each other and opposite each other. Colours that lie opposite each other will contrast against each other, creating a brighter and more impactful look.  

Credit: Canva

Credit: Canva 

In order for our teeth to look whiter and downplay any yellow tinge, you should be looking at the range of colours that are opposite yellow on the colour wheel. This means looking at lipsticks that have some blue, purple or pink undertones. 

Ange Gardien Paris Velvet Cloud Lipstick in First Love (No.89) is the perfect pink lipstick with a blue undertone that gives your lips an instant gleam. It can also light up your face, if you have yellow skin undertones, while lending you a soft and sweet look that is absolutely brunch-ready and first-date worthy! Its moisture-locking and hydrating properties ensure that your lipstick look stays on for those beautiful moments.



First Love


 Pro-tip: the lipstick can also be used to create a blush-like effect on the cheeks. Simply dab the  lipstick on your cheeks a couple of times on each side and gently dab them with your fingers to spread across your cheeks.  

If you would like a darker lipstick shade, why not try out French Rose (No.97)? It is also similarly blue-based but channels a sophisticated vibe that is completely versatile. French Rose takes you from that dreary day managing stakeholders to letting your hair down in the evening. With acacia peptide to nourish your lips and prevent moisture loss, this is one suitable and versatile lipstick that makes your teeth look gleaming white wherever you go. 


French Rose

To further increase the glam factor, you can pair  this with our ultra versatile

Vitamin Showtime Eye Palette that you can create multiple dazzling combinations with.


What if you really want to wear those classic red lipsticks that are so hypnotic to look at? Fret not, there are some ways that you can cheat! Simply choose those that have blue or purple-based undertones like the Velvet Cloud Lipstick in Hypnotic Red (No.99)


With a superior colour coating technology that lends supreme colour payoff, this silky soft matte finish is a candy to look at and a treat for the lips.

That's all from our Ange Gardien Paris Beauty Crew, bouncing out!