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Left to right: Major of Forli Mr. Daniele Mezzacapo, Mr. Massimo Tarroni from Studio 69 SRL and Mr. Arfelli of Protezione Civile of Forli

Left to right: Major of Forli Mr. Daniele Mezzacapo, Mr. Massimo Tarroni from Studio 69 SRL and Mr. Arfelli of Protezione Civile of Forli

Press Release

SGCE International Group Donates 14,000 Surgical Masks to Supplies Deprived Town in Italy

By angegardienparis-int Admin, Dec 02 2020

To alleviate the epidemiological emergency in northern Italy, multinational Fashion, Cosmetics and Health conglomerate SGCE International Group has worked with Studio 69 SRL to source and donate 14,000 surgical graded masks.

Out of the 14,000 masks, 1,000 masks will be immediately released to every police force that is on the frontline: Local Police, State Police, Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri. 4,000 masks will be donated to the citizens of Forli through Civil Protection. The remaining masks will be distributed to the social and health workers of nursing homes, the hospitals and other individuals holding the fort in the frontline.

SGCE International Group has always placed emphasis on contributing back to society via long term solutions. For instance, Talent U, a subsidiary of SGGE, was set up in 2017 to provide employees’ children opportunities to start afresh and seek quality education overseas due to the competitive nature of China’s education system.

Talent U, a subsidiary under SGCE which provides Study Abroad services to employee’s child in China since 2017

Likewise, brands distributed under SGCE International Group focus on societal causes which aim to provide remarkable and comprehensive solutions to empower, nourish and care for consumers.

Ange Gardien Paris was brought into Singapore in December 2019 to empower women to embrace their innate beauty and femininity. Ange Gardien Paris believes that real beauty is a radiant expression from within. It’s more than just skin-deep; it’s soul-deep.

Designed and made in France with consummate craftsmanship, Ange Gardien Paris’ luxury cosmetic products and fragrances are testaments to unwavering allegiance to great quality. Ange Gardien Paris prides itself on celebrating and respecting the artisanal traditions of Europe while imbuing them with a modern touch. By seeking out the finest ingredients in collaboration with exclusive ateliers in France, every product is lovingly crafted to embody the Ange Gardien Paris woman’s radiant confidence and joie de vivre —a woman who marches ardently to the beat of her drum.

Doing good has always been part of the SGCE DNA. During this global pandemic, we believe that every little effort goes a long way and we will continue to provide assistance in all possible ways within our means.

Claudia See, Director of SGCE International Group 


For more information, please contact:

Claudia See
Brand Director
SGCE International Group Pte Ltd
+65 2350148