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Ingredient Insights Series: Acacia Peptide, Hardworking Peptide That Keeps Dry Skin At Bay

Ingredient Insights Series: Acacia Peptide, Hardworking Peptide That Keeps Dry Skin At Bay

By Kulaa Show, Mar 05 2021

Came across our products and curious about the effects of Acacia Peptide? Found in many of Ange Gardien Paris’ cosmetics formulations such as the Natural Glow Cushion Foundation SPF50/PA+++ & HD Pressed Powder Duo and the newly-launched Matte for Glitter Lipstick is a proprietary and biomimetic peptide that is effective in boosting active cellular hydration levels in our skin while tightening the skin  junctures to protect the skin from moisture loss. Let’s dive in to understand more about this wonderful ingredient! 

Wonder For The Skin


Sourced Sustainably from the Savannah 

(Credits: Senckenberg)

Acacia Peptide is obtained from the seed of the Acacia Macrostachya tree from the savannah shrub lands of Burkina Faso. Growing in the hot and dry climate of the Sub-Sahara, the tree adapts to the sandy and water-scarce soils and perfects water distribution and retention for its flourishment. 

These seeds are individually picked by hand by women from a local artisan groups and the efforts go towards supporting themselves and their families, improving their standards of living and supplementing other forms of livelihood.

Flavour and Effects Treasured By Locals 

Known to the natives for many centuries, the seeds of the Acacia macrostachya tree has been a familiar ingredient in local cuisines. This is because the seeds are not only edible and highly nutritious, they also contain high amounts of proteins, some as much as 30%, which allows them to be eaten for subsistence and appears in traditional diets. Various parts of the Acacia macrostachya tree is also reputed for its healing properties, which indigenious doctors use to prescribe the seeds for illnesses and conditions like gastro-intestinal problems. 

Derived From 4-Step Rigorous Process